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Some more good Quotes 

1 If God wanted you to smoke he would have given 
  you a chimney."Dwight Thompson 
2 "Smoking will not cause you to be sent to hell but 
it will make you smell like you just came from 
there." Dwight Thompson 
3 "Things started going down hill when they took the 
10 commandments and the bible  out of school and 
started passing around condoms"John Hagee 
4 "If you are just looking for cheap thrills and 
  think condoms make it O.K. then condoms are a      
  con-job and they are dum." 
5 "Don't listen to one verse Charlies" Arnold Murray 
6 "God doesn't check with me before he does stuff" 
Steve Brown 
7 "The capacity for self-control,the ability to 
master one's sinful impulses and deal with them 
constuctively,is its'self a crucial moral power." 
Will Herberg 
8 "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice 
everywhere."Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
9 "100% of the shots I didn't take didn't go in" 
hockey player Wayne Gretzky 
10 "If God is for us who can be against us"the Holy 

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