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1 "Christians are not 2ndclass citizens."Arnold 
2 "Knowledge is what you remember after you forget 
everything you learned."Chuck Swindoll                
3 God will not give you a temptation you cannot 
resist.Matt Woodford                                                 
4 It's not your ability it is your availability.Petra     
5 "It's not the need it is the way that you meet the 
need." Pastor Wayne Krull                             
6 Sitting in church doesn't make you a Christian 
anymore than sitting in a garage makes you a car. Matt Woodford      
7 "There is such a thing as glory." Rich Mullins      
8  Isaiah 52:10                                       
9 "What did He die for?"Twila Paris                   
10 "Don't put all your eggs in one basket."

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